Call Your Pool Contractor If You Notice Any Of The Following With Your Pool

Owning an above-ground pool or a hot tub is a luxury that lots of people hope to have, but there is a cost that comes along with keeping this type of water feature in your home or on your property. You have to clean a pool, and a pool company is usually the one to do this work. Your pool contractor also does other things for you to keep your pool in its best condition, even if you only have to call them a few times a year. [Read More]

Repairing Rusted Pool Rails? What You Can Do

Pool rails that are rusting may not seem like a problem, but the rust on the bottom of those rails can eventually begin to disintegrate into your swimming pool. The rust at the bottom of your pool liner could puncture the liner and leave you with a minor leak, and eventually a major issue. To help repair your rusted pool rails, there are a few things you can do. Read on for some tips to help repair your pool rails. [Read More]

What Can Happen If Your Pool Isn't Properly Maintained

Your swimming pool requires maintenance in order for the water to be clean and clear. It also needs to be maintained in order to be safe for swimming. Your skin can be harmed in water that isn't well-maintained. You could end up with dry skin, a rash, or a skin infection from bacteria that lurks in dirty, un-maintained water. Read on to learn a few things that can occur to your pool if you aren't maintaining your pool properly. [Read More]

Inground Swimming Pool Liner Renovations: Repairs And Improvements To Include With Your Project

With in-ground swimming pool liner renovations, you have to consider pool safety in various aspects. This includes the repair and maintenance of your in-ground pool walls, walkways, steps, and waterline. These are areas that are worn down by wear and tear or years of neglect. If you are looking into pool renovations, then it is important that you are aware that repairs are also considered when detailing your project to a contractor. [Read More]