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Repairing Rusted Pool Rails? What You Can Do

Pool rails that are rusting may not seem like a problem, but the rust on the bottom of those rails can eventually begin to disintegrate into your swimming pool. The rust at the bottom of your pool liner could puncture the liner and leave you with a minor leak, and eventually a major issue. To help repair your rusted pool rails, there are a few things you can do. Read on for some tips to help repair your pool rails.

Invest in New Rails

Your old rails can be removed and replaced with new rails. New rails are made of resin and can be longer-lasting than steel rails. Take measurements of your rails and invest in brand new rails. This may be costly to replace them all at once, but if you replace just the ones that are rusting or the rails that are the most-rusted, it may not cost you nearly as much. Your local pool supply store should be able to order the rails for you, or you can order your own online. When replacing the rails, use the new screws that come with the rails, don't reuse the old screws.

Scrub and Paint the Rusted Rails

If your rails aren't that rusted as of yet, you can remove them one at a time and scrub them with a metal brush to remove loose debris. Sand them down with a fine-grit piece of sandpaper and clean them thoroughly. Next, take spray paint like Rustoleum and spray paint the rails to help protect them against any further rusting. Repeat this on all of your rails around your pool. This can be a lengthy task, especially if you have a larger pool.

Replace Your Swimming Pool

If, when you remove the rusted rails, you find that your pool walls are also rusted, it may be in your best interest to remove the swimming pool and invest in a brand new swimming pool altogether. If your rails are rusted and your walls are rusted, your pool may not be held up by much and it's only a matter of time before your pool collapses altogether. If your pool walls and rails are both rusted, it may be time to replace the pool.

If your pool rails are rusted, they may be able to be repaired or replaced, but if your rails aren't the only part of the pool that is rusted, you may want to consider a full pool replacement. Hire services like All-American Pools to help you repair or replace your pool.