Correcting My Pool

Call Your Pool Contractor If You Notice Any Of The Following With Your Pool

Owning an above-ground pool or a hot tub is a luxury that lots of people hope to have, but there is a cost that comes along with keeping this type of water feature in your home or on your property. You have to clean a pool, and a pool company is usually the one to do this work. Your pool contractor also does other things for you to keep your pool in its best condition, even if you only have to call them a few times a year.

Your pool contractor should definitely be given a call if you notice any of the following issues with your pool. Failure to address pool concerns can lead to the pool malfunctioning, pH levels being thrown out of whack, parts of your pool breaking, such as the filter or lights, or other damage. A pool company might charge by the hour for their services or charge per repair or for parts and labor, depending on what works best for them.

Your pool water is changing color

If your pool's water is suddenly changing color, there are a few reasons why. Chlorine reacts to metal, so your pool water can change color if a metal object is thrown in the water or if there is metal in the water filtration system. Your pool water may also be changing color because there is a filtration issue, the pH level is off, you forgot to add cleaning agents to your pool water, or the water has changed in temperature.

Check to see if any of the cleaning chemicals used in your pool have expired or if someone has accidentally dumped a drink or something else in the pool. If the pH is off after you've checked the water and the water continues to change in color, your pool company needs to be called.

Your pool water is getting colder

Your pool water should be a comfortable temperature that doesn't fluctuate much as the season goes on, particularly if you have a heated pool. The water might change temperature and start to feel colder if it's not filtering right, if there are issues with the temperature gauge, if the pool is overfilled, or if there are issues with the pump. Rapidly cooling pool water might be an even larger concern, so call your pool company right away to see what repairs your pool might need. The sooner you have the pool looked at, the cheaper your repairs might be.