Correcting My Pool

A Fiberglass Pool Installation Is Fairly Quick So You Can Start Enjoying Your Pool As Soon As Possible

A fiberglass pool is an excellent choice for your backyard. Fiberglass pool shells come in a variety of sizes and configurations. The best benefit of a fiberglass pool installation is how quick the process is. Your pool will be finished, and you'll be swimming in it in a fraction of the time it takes for a concrete pool to be ready. Continue reading to learn how fiberglass pool installation is done. 

Dig The Hole And Install Plumbing Fittings

A fiberglass pool shell is already built. It's delivered whole and ready to place in a hole in the ground. So, the first step is to dig a hole. The pool manufacturer supplies a dig sheet with each pool. This tells the excavator how deep to dig the hole in the various places that are marked. When finished, the hole is a perfect match for the pool shell.

As soon as the pool arrives, which could be on the first day, the crew can go to work installing plumbing fittings on the shell while the excavator is digging the hole. The rest of the plumbing will be connected once the shell has been lowered into the hole.

Put Gravel On The Soil And Compact It

The fiberglass shell usually won't rest on dirt or sand. Instead, the installation contractor will add gravel to the pit and then compact it into the soil to create a foundation for the shell to sit on. This helps your pool have a longer life by preventing problems with shifting. Building a stable base is an important part of fiberglass pool installation. Once the base is finished, the pool shell is lifted by a crane and lowered into the hole and checked to make sure it's level.

Finish With Plumbing Work And Backfill

Once the pool shell is in place, the installation crew can hook up the plumbing to the fittings installed on the shell earlier. When the plumbing and filter are finished, gravel is poured in the gap between the soil and the side of the pool. The gravel is added as the pool fills with water. When the pool is full, the only thing left is to build the pool deck according to your specifications. The fiberglass pool installation contractor can also build the deck around the pool. Codes may also require a pool fence that the contractor can install.

The entire process might take a month or two to complete and then you're ready for a fun swim in your new pool. Contact a local service to learn more about fiberglass pool installation