Correcting My Pool

What Can Happen If Your Pool Isn't Properly Maintained

Your swimming pool requires maintenance in order for the water to be clean and clear. It also needs to be maintained in order to be safe for swimming. Your skin can be harmed in water that isn't well-maintained. You could end up with dry skin, a rash, or a skin infection from bacteria that lurks in dirty, un-maintained water. Read on to learn a few things that can occur to your pool if you aren't maintaining your pool properly.

Your Liner Could Get Damaged

Algae can begin to grow in your swimming pool, and eventually, it will eat holes through your pool liner. If you have a leak, your pool walls could be affected as they may move out of the tracks holding them in place. An entire pool collapse can be a disaster and leave you in need of a new swimming pool altogether. If you have algae growing in your pool, you need to get it removed from your pool right away.

Your Sand Filter Can Accumulate With Algae

If you are simply vacuuming your pool without doing anything else to get rid of algae, it can begin to grow in your pool filter. This can cause a problem for you, as you will have a much harder time getting rid of the algae. This is because as the water goes into the filter to get clean, it will pass through algae-filled sand and end up back in your pool. You have to vacuum your pool on the "waste" setting so the algae and dirty water is removed from your pool entirely, rather than being held in your filter. Then you need to add shock to the pool to get your water clear again and to kill any other algae that may still be in your pool water.

You Could Damage Your Pump And Filter

If you aren't emptying the skimmer basket often enough, you could eventually blow up your pump and your filter. These two components of your pool can only run when there is water inside of them. You have to empty the skimmer basket at least every other day to remove leaves, grass clippings, and dead bugs, as well as other debris that may be in there to prevent blocking the water from getting to these components.

If you aren't maintaining your pool, you could end up paying a lot of money in repairs or replacement fees. Hire a pool maintenance company near you to learn more.