Correcting My Pool

Inground Swimming Pool Liner Renovations: Repairs And Improvements To Include With Your Project

With in-ground swimming pool liner renovations, you have to consider pool safety in various aspects. This includes the repair and maintenance of your in-ground pool walls, walkways, steps, and waterline. These are areas that are worn down by wear and tear or years of neglect. If you are looking into pool renovations, then it is important that you are aware that repairs are also considered when detailing your project to a contractor.

Inspecting Your Pool Liner

Your restoration needs to begin with an inspection of the liner. This is the best time to identify problems that need to be addressed during the restoration process. The problems you want to look for include issues with the base material, plumbing, and damage to pool equipment plumbing. Also, look for areas of the liner that are more vulnerable to damage and might need to be repaired.

Getting Rid of the Old Liner

Next, the old liner is going to need to be removed. The removal of the old pool liner is straightforward—just tear the old vinyl out. When removing the old liner, you do want to watch for damage and try not to create problems while removing it. It is a good idea to let the pool service handle this task. If you remove the liner on your own, completely drain the pool and pull it loose from one end to the other.

Costs of Liner Restoration Projects

Another issue with pool liner restorations is the costs. The costs of your project will depend a lot on what you want to have done during restoration. The most basic liner restorations will be replacing the liner and repairing the coping and mounting system. These will be the most affordable options, while other solutions and repairs will cost your liner restoration project.

Pros and Cons of In-Ground Swimming Pool Renovations

There are a lot of options to restore an in-ground pool with a liner. These options include solutions to restore and replace the liner or to install a new pool surface. Often, the options for restoring the liner are overlooked, but they are a great solution. Restoring the liner is an affordable solution to update your pool and equipment. The common liner issues will still be present, but they can be prevented with a good maintenance routine and regular upkeep.

Restoring the liner of your in-ground pool can be a great way to update it with a modern finish and design. Contact an in-ground pool liner restoration service to discuss these options when renovating your pool.