Correcting My Pool

Caring For Your Swimming Pool Throughout Summer: 3 Tips

Summer is the time for fun in the sun and time to spend in the swimming pool entertaining or just relaxing on a float with a drink in your hand. It also means time spent taking care of that very same swimming pool. If you aren't caring for your swimming pool properly, you could end up without a pool come next summer season. To help you care for your swimming pool, there are things you should know. Read on for helpful information to use as a guide.

1. Clean And Vacuum Your Pool

Cleaning and vacuuming your swimming pool is a must-do. It's something you cannot skip at all, or your pool will end up with algae growth and green or black pool water that is not going to be safe for swimming. Test your water with a testing kit, which can be found at any swimming pool supply store to test your water. The testing kit should test the pH level, alkalinity, chlorine, and stabilizer levels in your pool. Add the necessary chemicals to the water to be sure it is safe for swimming and not harmful to the skin or to someone's health in general. Chemicals for your pool can be found at the swimming pool supply store as well. Vacuum your pool each week with a swimming pool vacuum and extension hose. Be sure you vacuum in a slow-motion to ensure you are vacuuming up the contents and not moving them around the pool.

2. Check The Skimmer Basket Often

The skimmer basket will hold all of the floating debris and prevent it from sinking to the pool floor. This basket should be emptied daily, or every other day if you don't have a lot of trees or bushes nearby. Empty the skimmer basket and replace it in the skimmer. If the basket gets too full it can block the flow of water to your pump and filter, causing them to overheat.

3. Turn Off Your Filter/Pump During A Storm

During a severe weather storm, your power may go on and off, which can cause your pump and filter to blow up. You could also end up with a lot of debris in your skimmer basket, which if you aren't outside in the storm to empty it, you could end up causing your pump and filter to overheat. Make sure to turn off your pump/filter during a heavy storm to prevent issues with these necessary parts of your pool.

If you aren't sure how to care for your swimming pool, you may not have your pool for too long. Get the maximum life out of your pool by taking care of it properly. Hire a pool care company to care for your pool for you and ask about other care tips