Correcting My Pool

Green Pool? What You're Doing Wrong

Green with envy is one thing, but when your pool is green, the only thing that will be envious is you — of your neighbor's crystal clear pool. A clear pool is what you want to look out at in your yard, not a green one. If your pool is green, there's something wrong. Don't allow your pool to remain green, as it can cause more algae to grow and it will eventually stain your pool liner or eat its way through it. Read on for what you may be doing wrong and how to correct your pool care routine.

Not Vacuuming Your Pool

If you aren't vacuuming your pool, then you are going to have all types of debris settling to the bottom of your pool. If a pond is what you want, and not a pool, then go ahead and skip the vacuuming, but if you're looking for a clear pool then you need to run the vacuum once in a while. Dirt and bugs can settle to the bottom of the pool and accumulate. Algae can also be growing at the bottom of the pool. Vacuuming your pool is essential in the care and maintenance of your pool. Run the vacuum at least once per week, or more often if you have a lot of trees in your yard, as leaves and other debris from the trees will fall into your pool.

Not Emptying The Skimmer Basket

The skimmer basket catches the bugs floating at the top of your pool, but if the skimmer basket isn't being emptied, it isn't going to be able to suck in any more debris from the top of the water. In this case, the rest of what cannot be sucked into the basket will fall to the pool floor. Empty the skimmer basket daily to get rid of the bugs and leaves stuck inside. If need be, spray it clean with the garden hose. 

Not Adding Chemicals

Adding chemicals to the pool water is important, as it makes the water safe for swimming, helping to kill bacteria and balancing out the pH levels. If you aren't sure what chemicals to add, you can go to your local pool supply store for help. Add the proper amount of chemicals and check the water often with a water testing kit.

If you have a green pool, chances are there is something you aren't doing, but should be. Use the tips above to help you, and hire a professional pool care services company to take care of your pool for you.