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Four Common Hot Tub Problems And How To Solve Them

Having a hot tub on your patio or in your mud room gives you a unique way to relax and enjoy yourself. However, like all large appliances, hot tubs can malfunction. Often, hot tub problems are pretty easy to solve on your own, or perhaps with some input from a hot tub repair service. Here's a look at four common hot tub problems and how to solve them.

1. Water is not coming out of the jets as fast as it should.

If you have the jet pressure turned on high, but water is still flowing out of the jets rather slowly, check the filter. If the filter becomes clogged or blocked, the hot tub won't be able to push water through it effectively. First, turn the jets off, and then clean the filter out. Close the filter housing, and turn the jets back on. With any luck, water should start circulating normally again.

2. Your hot tub is turning off before it reaches the temperature setting on the thermostat.

Say you turn your thermostat up to 98 degrees F, but the hot tub turns off once it reaches 95 degrees F. This is a frustrating problem, but sometimes it can be solved by simply turning off the power to your hot tub, and turning it back on again. If this does not work, one of the sensors that measure the temperature of your tub and convey this information to the thermostat might be corroded or broken. A hot tub repair company can replace the sensor; it's a rather minor repair.

3. The hot tub is getting too hot.

Having the hot tub exceed the temperature setting on the thermostat can be really dangerous. If the heating element just keeps heating the water regardless of the temperature setting, this could also be due to a faulty sensor as described above.

4.The hot tub keeps tripping the GCFI outlet.

Hopefully your hot tub is plugged into a GCFI outlet so that if the outlet becomes wet, power is turned off to the unit. If the hot tub keeps tripping the GCFI, check to ensure the GCFI reset button is pushed all of the way back in. If this does not work, your hot tub may have an electrical problem, which is something best addressed by a hot tub repair professional.

Don't let minor defects keep you from enjoying your hot tub! Almost all issues are repairable.