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Ideas For Designing A Modern Style Natural Swimming Pool

Many homeowners are moving to the natural swimming pool over the traditional. With natural swimming pools, there's a regeneration zone that's separate from the swimming pool. It consists of plant life that acts as a natural filter for the water. While the common style for natural swimming pools is a natural swimming hole, as House Logic points out, it's possible to build one that resembles any style of traditional pool.

Geometric Pool Shape

Modern style is characterized by clean lines that lead to obvious geometry. Therefore, when you choose your pool shape, opt for a rectangle over a kidney or freeform pool. Your regeneration zone can be a square or rectangle adjacent to the main swimming pool. What's more, if you're adding a spa, emphasize its shape as well. For instance, have a circular spa installed in a corner of your rectangular pool.

Bright Pool Liner

There are a wide range of liner options for a natural swimming pool. Many homeowners choose a PVC pool membrane or EPDM rubber liner for their swimming hole styles. However, natural pools can be finished with plaster and/or aggregates, which is ideal for the modern style. To emphasize the geometry of your swimming pool, consider a bright color, such as clear turquoise. It's also possible to make your pool's interior really stand out with an aggregate additive such as glass beads. Contractors power wash the top layer of the finish to expose the glass beads, which sparkle with a three-dimensional effect.

Deck Materials

For mod-style pools, the two most common deck materials are hardwood and concrete. With hardwood, ipe, mahogany, and ironwood are some of the popular deck choices. However, it's possible to simulate the look of natural hardwood with composite. Hardwood works well when contractors lay the boards so the seams emphasize the lines of your geometric pool.

Concrete is the more obvious material. Contractors can pour the slabs into any shape and further customize them with engraving. For instance, you could transform a plain slab by having contractors engrave geometric shapes in the surface. It's also possible to utilize geometric concrete pavers for your decking.

Landscaping Plants

When it comes to the regeneration zone, you'll need floating, oxygenating, and biological filter plants. Concerning the landscaping around your pool, any water-friendly plants work well. Consider plants with obvious geometry, such as cacti and succulents. Adding texture with bamboo, reed, and other ornamental grasses are also attractive for the mod pool.

Reap the eco-friendly benefits of a natural swimming pool while enjoying a mod style space. Contact a company like Pacific AquaScapes for more information.