Correcting My Pool

Inground Swimming Pool Water Slimy? Two Types Of Slime You May Have

If you have an inground pool and the water is slimy, this is a problem you can likely take care of. This way you can get your pool back again so you and your family can enjoy swimming and cooling off. Below are two different types of slime to help you get started.

Algae in Pool

One of the most common reasons for pool slime is algae in the water and many pool owners deal with this problem frequently. To help with this problem, purchase an algaecide at a pool company. This product is made specifically to remove algae from a pool. You can also shock your pool to get rid of the slime.

Contact a pool company to determine what the pH of your pool is.  The pH is measuring how much acid is in the pool water. The best pH for a pool is 7.4 and if the pH is below the water can irritate your eyes, cause problems with mechanical components in the pool, and can even damage your pool liner.

If the pH is too high, slime will occur, as well as cloudy water and swimmers may notice skin irritation.

You can purchase a water test kit for your pool or hire a swimming pool company to come to your home and check the pH for you. They can then add the right chemicals to the pool to adjust the pH.

Pool Water has Pink Slime

If the slime in your pool has a pink color, this means there is too much bacteria in the water. You will generally see the pink slime around the edge of the pool water. Use a stiff pool brush and scrub the sides of your pool to remove all slime. Once the slime is gone, purchase a product known as biguanide. This is a chemical that will sanitize your pool to remove all bacteria.

You can purchase this product at a swimming pool company or contact your pool contractor if you have problems finding it. It is important that swimmers do not swim in the pool until you get rid of the slime.

The best way to prevent this problem from happening again is to properly maintain your pool. This includes using a water test kit to test the chemicals in the water once per week and cleaning the pool weekly. If you have questions, talk with a pool contractor, such as from All-American Pools, who can tell you what you need to do on a regular basis.