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Prepping Your Backyard For A Hot Tub Purchase

A hot tub can be a welcome addition to your backyard, giving you and your family a way to enjoy the outdoors and relax. As you begin looking for a hot tub, it's important to consider where the hot tub will go and any additional work you will need to do before it can be set up. Here are a few things to consider as you start pricing and sizing up hot tubs for sale.

Electrical Access

For your hot tub to work, you'll need access to an outside electrical outlet. If you don't already have one, or if the one you have isn't conveniently located near where the tub will go, you may need to hire an electrician to run wires for you. Be sure to take into account the voltage you will need so you can get the proper outlet put in place.

Sturdy Surface

You will need a sturdy, even surface for your hot tub. If you have a deck or patio, the hot tub can typically be placed on the surface without issue. A contractor can help you to determine if your deck is sturdy enough to support a hot tub. In some cases, you can add bracing to provide added support for the extra weight. If your yard only has grass, you should consider adding a concrete slab for the hot tub to sit on top of. Placing it in the grass or on the bare ground can cause the hot tub to settle or sink. It also leads to a lot of muddy feet going in and out of the tub, which leaves your water less than pleasant.

Surrounding Fence

While adding a fence isn't required everywhere, there may be some local regulations regarding the addition of one around your hot tub. Even if there are no regulations, having a fence with a locking gate can help to prevent children from gaining unsupervised access to the tub. For hot tubs placed on decks with railings, you can simply add a gate to the exterior entrance. Of course, you'll want to make sure any patio doors leading to the deck are securely locked to keep your little ones safe as well.

You'll also want to make sure that you have easy access to an exterior water source, so consider how far away the hot tub will be from your garden hose. If it is not possible to place the hot tub near the hose, you can simply invest in a longer hose to accommodate the occasional filling of your hot tub. Once you have all of the proper arrangements in place, you can feel confident about purchasing and installing a hot tub in your backyard.