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Fun Hot Tub Accessories To Make The Most Of Your Hot Tub

Hot tubs are fun in general. However, you can make them even more fun with hot tub accessories. Some of these accessories are just for fun, while others turn your hot tub into something more than a wet, bubbly place to relax. Here are a few examples of hot tub accessories that will help you get the most out of your hot tub.

Poker Night in the Hot Tub

What could be more fun than poker night? How about poker night in the hot tub? Guys and gals can both enjoy poker in the hot tub with a waterproof floating card deck. Worried about the chips floating around? That is easy to fix, too, when everyone has their own color-coordinated floating cups. As for the pot in the middle, you just need a floating pool basket that is weighted so it cannot be tipped. 

Exercise Class

Crank up the tunes and the bubble jets, and exercise with pool barbells and waterproof stretch bands. If you need help, there are spa exercise videos and books that can walk you through a basic and intermediate series of pool/spa tub exercises. Once you get the exercises down, you can mix and match the exercises for a daily workout in the hot tub. Then relax your muscles and have a good soak afterwards.

Grill and Chill

Add a bar with a slide-out drawer on one side of your hot tub and a food and drink caddy on the other side of the hot tub. Roll the grill up close for hot food, and you have a backyard party in the hot tub. Everyone can get drinks and condiments from one side and set their drinks and plates down on either side of the tub. Then everyone just sits back and relaxes while their food digests.

Watching TV and Movies in the Hot Tub

Watching your favorite TV shows and movies in the hot tub could only be more fun if you could get your favorite foods delivered to the hot tub while watching your faves. Some hot tubs already come with the option to install a TV, which slides up and down out of a protected wall space in the tub. If your tub did not come with that option, that is okay. You can still find a way to install the TV in the hot tub's side wall. Be sure to have a professional hot tub installation expert do the job so that your TV is not destroyed by water or rain.